1& or 2& Which recipe by would you try? 1& HIGH PROTEIN BUFFALO CHICKEN PIZZA

1️⃣ or 2️⃣? Which recipe by @_aussiefitness would you try?👇

101g Protein💪🏼🤯

(Total Macros)
860 Calories
67gC | 19gF | 101gP

Ingredients 👇🏼
– 100g Plain / All Purpose Flour (can be substituted for self raising flour – Brand: Vetta Smart Protein Plain Flour)
– 1.5 Tsp Baking Powder
– Salt
– Italian Seasoning
– 130g Low Fat Greek Yoghurt (Brand: YoPro Plain)
– 90g Cooked Chicken Breast Mixed With 1/2 Tbsp Franks Redhot Buffalo Sauce
– 80g Low Fat Greek Yoghurt Mixed With 1 Tsp “Deliciou” Ranch Seasoning (optional ranch homemade low calorie topping)
– 50g Franks Redhot Buffalo Sauce (spread evenly across base)
– 85g Low Fat / Light Cheese (Brand: Bega 50% Less Fat Grated Cheese)
– 10g Diced Jalapeños
– 15g Sliced Onion
– Toppings: 30g Franks Redhot Buffalo Sauce, Parsley Flakes & Homemade Low Calorie Ranch Sauce

– Some people have trouble making the dough & run into a issue where the dough is too sticky. If this happens you may need to use less/more flour depending on the brand of yoghurt you use. Some yoghurts contain less/more moisture than others & that’s what causes the dough to be too sticky, if this happens slowly add more flour until you have a consistency you can work with.
– When rolling the dough out you can either place baking paper/parchment paper underneath or lightly flour your surface. This will stop the dough from sticking when rolling out out. Roll the dough out gently & slowly, take your time. Doing this will ensure the dough doesn’t break & you’ll be able to roll it out as big as possible.

Low Cal & High Protein Meal Prep🔥

(Per Serve – 4 Servings Total)
435 Calories
44gC | 8gF | 42gP

Ingredients 👇🏼
– 650 Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh
– Oregano, Cumin, Garlic Powder, Smoked Paprika, Turmeric, Salt & Pepper (or seasonings you have available)
– 80g Nandos Peri Peri Sauce
– 150g Diced Capsicum/Bell Pepper
– 1/2 Diced White Onion
– 3 Garlic Cloves
– 30g Tomato Paste/Tomato Purée
– 200g Uncooked Basmati Rice (560g cooked weight)
– 400ml Chicken Broth
– Parsley Flakes (optional)

Evenly distribute into 4 servings & enjoy 💪🏼

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